So on last week’s episode of “Ace on the House” Adam Carolla asked for covers from the soundtrack of Taboo 2, the classic 1982 adult film starring Kay Parker. Oh, yeah, and Ron Jeremy part makes an appearance it too.

I listened to the original song ( link) and noticed it had that ’70s blues sorta boogie sound. And then it hit me that I could do it in the style of Harry Nilsson’s “Jump into the Fire.” And thus a podcast song was born.

After making it to the 8/20/2011 show (17:00 mark) a few folks asked for a download link:

Download mp3: Lawrence Scaduto and His Old Lady – Gotta Get It On Taboo2


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  1. Ricky G.

    Thanks for putting it up. Good stuff! Will pass it and your name along.

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