Bliptronic 500 Demo

September 28th, 2012

I tried using my f/1.7 CCTV lens for this one. It was a real pain due to the lack of auto focus. But the focus hunting on the 14-42 Panasonic Lens was unwanted as well. I think I’m going to have to teach myself how to manual focus on the fly. Thing is the 14-42mm lens does not have a smooth focus at all. So I’m thinking I need a handle, like some sort of jar opening device that I can clamp on. Or get a better lens, which is an option.

’65 Fender Mustang Reissue in Daphne Blue. Amazing guitar. Get one if you’ve ever considered it.

New demo of a super deal of a guitar. Check out what a $150 guitar sounds like. Will it sound like a Tele? Butterscotch.





New video. This time for a Telestar guitar. Made in Japan. From the 60s. All that Jazz.


Hey Look I made another gear review. This guitar is nearly identical to the Teisco VN-4 except for 2 picks ups instead of 4. As I know it Teisco made Lindell, Audition and a bunch of other brands.

The Vn-4 seems to be a more Googleable model number. And Hound Dog Taylor pops up in image searches as well. He’s a blue cat. There are a few awesome Youtubers of him from the 70′s in Ann Arbor, MI.

It’s an awesome guitar. Check the video to hear it.

Airline/Valco 62-9031. It’s a low wattage tube amp from 1966 with an 8″ Jensen. Great sounding amp. Tubes are 50L6 and 12AX7. It really cuts through my noisey mixes with my latest acquisition: a 65′ Reissue Mustang. Boomshakalaka.

My second demo. Tried going with out a voice over for this one.

I love this guitar. It’s nearly what I want out of single coil pick ups. A pleasing crunch when strummed hard. Lot’s of dynamic range and most importantly awesome looking.

Here are some loving pictures I took.

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar

Guyatone LG65T Vintage Japanese Guitar



3 months ago I got really excited over hollow body guitars. I never owned one before. Which, considering the amount of gear that has passed through my hands, is quite surprising. Of to eBay I went. I spied some awesome Japanese vintage pieces but my cheap ass frugal mind latched onto a $150 guitar sold only on eBay that included the price of shipping. I did some Googling and found that there wasn’t too much info out there. And then Boom! I had an excuse to buy the guitar. I thought to myself, “I’ll make a video review, post it to YouTube and recoup the cost of the guitar through partner ads in about 20 years.”


This is my first review video and it shows. Things I learned while doing this:


Spend time on lighting.

Use a tripod

My 14-42mm lens does have image stabilization. Whoops, there goes the hours I lost trying different correction settings and re-shooting useless video over and over again.

Write script before you shoot.

Record voice over once and last. Anything else feels really uncomfortable. And all I hear is my slurry mumbling pronunciation.


I plan to do more of these and find a unique way to do more of these. Currently trying to figure out how to inject  my voice/point of view into a gear review. It will take a few attempts before I find something good. I’m a strong believer in trying and failing multiple times vs refining over and over. This is me following my own advice for once.

Below is the copy/text/script of the video



The ktone hollow body guitar current sells for $149 on eBay for with free shipping.

Kind of a crazy deal, right?

I though so too. So I got one.

First the details:

It’s got 6 strings, 2 pick ups, 2 volume knobs, 2 tone knobs and a 3 postition pickup selector switch.

The neck has a truss rod. The bridge is adjustable.

Only one strap button as an end pin.

The factory finish comes with minor blemishes you’d expect at this price point. Also, the top coat seems to chip easily. if you like worn in guitars this is great news. if you’re into pristine wall hangers you wouldn’t be checking out a $150 guitar anyway, would you?

it’s a 25″ scale. and the body is on the smaller side. it’s only 2 3/4″ thick

so far so good.

out of the box there were mulitple issues with the frets. in addtion to looking half finsihed. the 17th fret on the high strings is dead. and the 12th fret showed up unseated. the seller was very quick to offer a refund for the price of the repair. so i have no complaints. i expected something like this for a $150 guitar. i didn’t expect good customer service.

the first thing i would replace on this guitar are the tuners. they feel very loose inside and the guitar drifts out of tune pretty quickly.


i’m playing through a 68 fender bassman and a 2×12 cab with weber speakers. i’m using a hot plate as an attenuator. That’s an SM57 against the grill.

first is bridge. volume and tone way up.
neck pick up: vol and tone way up
both: vol and tone up

neck pick up tone down

switch to small amp: 4w airline/valco low power amp with 6″ jensen (show amp and pan to background. start from back)

first is bridge. volume and tone way up.
neck pick up: vol and tone way up
both: vol and tone up

If you’re thinking about getting one you’ll have to consider an initial set up. Easy enough to do yourself if you’re the mechanical type. You shouldn’t have to change out any hardware out of the box, but the tuners will probably annoy you if you’ve had guitars that stay in tune before.

Up until a few years ago you’d be hard pressed to find a used hollow body in playable condition for this price. this is a functional, decent looking, good enough built hollow body guitar for only $150 including shipping.

Hey looky here! I did a gig for Telerik. I used Ableton Live (which I constantly misspell as Abelton) and most of it’s built in synths and samples. I’ve been using Ableton for about 2 years now and I am really pleased with its ability to provide pretty much everything I need right out of the box. There are, of course, somethings I miss from using Acid. The ability to draw fade ins and outs with one click AND change the type of fade with a right click was extremely useful. What I don’t miss is loosing weeks of work from a crash that corrupts the whole session file.

You know what won’t crash? Telerik’s servers. Wanna know why? Because of their .Net Ninjas! How’s that for a segue?